#71: Sleep

Froy & Mark talk about the nuances of sleep and how it changes as you age & how it changes with your activity level. It’s more than just a standard “8-hour” prescription.




  1. Kim

    I’m listening to these in order and trying to catch up…love them all!! I don’t know if it was this one or the last one where you were talking about heart rate variability (and I see that you have an episode coming up on heart rate variability coming up). You were skeptical about the whole idea so I thought I would share my experience. I have the free Azumio Stress Check App that measures your heart rate from your finger. I have to say that for the most part it gives me predicable results. I have tested the two extremes…dehydrated and hung over from too much wine/work/no workouts (LOL!), which measured in the Extreme range, and after a couple of decent nights sleep where I haven’t overdone my fitness regime (preferably just walking the night before the measurement), and it measures at the very low other extreme. It’s supposed to help you decide that day what level you are taking your fitness workout to, whether you need more “work-ins”, easy food on the digestion, etc. No-one else I know believes me, but I believe it’s at least a fairly good indicator about the chaos/lack of chaos in your body!

    • Mark

      Hey Kim! Thanks for the comment. Yes, we’ve become big fans of HRV since the spring, especially me (this is Mark). I have found some interesting ways where I think you can “beat” it though, but I love anything that gives me markers- we have to be able to measure things. Thanks again for listening!

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