Episode 45: Understanding Articles About “Health”

This Week: Originally recorded 1/16/14. A lot of people tell you what’s healthy, but even more articles, TV shows, YouTube videos, and podcasts tell you what’s healthy. How do you know what is? Listen to our thoughts




  1. Ron

    “we’re starting to see the effects of GMOs”
    Oh really? Source? What effects would those be?
    I don’t understand how you guys don’t get the McDonald’s thing. It’s about shattering dogma. Fast food doesn’t make people fat. People gorging on it insensibly makes people fat. That was the point of his experiment. I don’t think he claimed it was healthy. He was just trying to point out that “hey, maybe it’s not McDonald’s fault that you’re fat. Maybe they don’t need to change policies or recipes or whatever, maybe you need to change your behaviour”

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