Episode 1: What Does ‘Being Healthy’ Mean?

Here it is folks, the debut episode of Functional Meatheads. Every week, Froy and I will be posting a new podcast for you right here (soon to be found on iTunes too!).

This week: We discuss why working out  is only a small part of the equation of living a healthy life, why excessive cardio activities can be harmful, the flaws of the calories in/out method, and the latest in the comic book universe and NYC gripes!

[audio http://2manymcs.net/PODCAST/FUNCTIONAL_MEATHEADS_EPISODE_4.mp3]


A note about continuity: Froy and I have recorded a number of podcasts over the past month, perfecting our craft and the show’s format. Thus, we decided to throw these episodes up in a different order than they were recorded. You may hear us reference different dates, but don’t worry, they don’t effect your ability to listen to the show at all. These are all self contained episodes (like the DC Annual comics). Enjoy!


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